bookmark_borderThe Dollop Podcast – Episodes About Equality For Women, Part 1

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.  I listen to an excellent podcast called The Dollop. It’s an American history and comedy podcast Occasionally, when they are on tour, they also cover history from places like Australia, Iceland, the UK and Canada. Dave Anthony reads a crazy story from history to Gareth Reynolds.  Hilarity ensues.

This is one of my favourite podcasts, one I look forward to each week.  They’ve done many episodes on the way women have been treated in the past, and it shows we haven’t really learned a lot from history. Here’s a list of some of the best episodes on women and equality and how women are awesome.

Episode 53 Battle of the Pants
In 1850’s, women started wearing pants, and men lost their minds.
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Episode 84 Goody Davis and Elizabeth Howell
A look at the witch trials of the 1600’s

Episode 90 Childbirth In America
A look at childbirth over the years in America, starting in the middle ages. “It was believed angry women had ugly babies.”

Episode 194 The Girl Watchers Guide
This is a batshit crazy story about women and catcalling.

Episode 276 Harriet Tubman
There are no white saviours in this story.